Bondora Go & Grow

Go & Grow: a simple and profitable investment

Of all the accounts that can be created with BONDORA, our favorite is BONDORA GO & GROW.
It is a simple, fast investment with no possibility of making mistakes in setting up campaigns.
The return is almost 7% annually and you can withdraw the capital whenever you want!

“Go and Grow allows you to set a goal and a purpose. The purpose of your investment can be a major purchase, like a wedding or a new car (luckily for you!), A trip around the world, early retirement, or something totally unique. Our goal setting function is there to help you determine how much money you want to accumulate and by what date. Go & Grow will keep you updated if you are on the right track to reach your goal or if you are left behind. “


The P2P industry has gained enormous popularity in recent years. However, some investors felt excluded from this incredible opportunity because they think they do not have enough experience. Regardless of your level of experience, Go & Grow offers market-leading benefits for everyone

Main advantages
  • Annual return of 6.75%
  • Faster liquidity, which means you can cash out your investment with minimal effort
  • Lower risk compared to our existing products
  • You pay taxes only when you make a withdrawal on the initial invested capital
  • You can transfer your existing Bondora wallet to Go & Grow
  • There is a lump-sum withdrawal fee of € 1, regardless of the volume of the account
  • Ideal for beginners, as no previous investment experience is required No secondary market transactions are required
  • Automated features

Purpose of the investment

To make sure you don’t lose sight of the reason for your investment, you must set a purpose for each Go & Grow account you create (you can create multiple accounts for different purposes). You can choose from some of the most common reasons for investing: retirement, an important purchase, extra income, the future of your children, difficult days and travel.

Perhaps you have several reasons in mind for investing. No problem, just create multiple accounts within Go & Grow (or “sub-accounts”) that will be independent of each other. You could also have a goal that you want to pursue on your own and one that you want to pursue with your friends or family. For example, you may want to invest for your child’s future university costs with a family member (or simplified birthday gifts) and invest for a major purchase that you are planning for yourself. All this can be achieved and achieved easily with Go & Grow.

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If you are a runner and decide to take part in a race, you will have a clear goal in mind: the distance to go and the way you will get there. Otherwise, it will be difficult to follow your own pace and implement a plan to achieve this goal. You can’t sprint on the distance of a marathon and the same goes for the investment: creating a strategy and sticking to it is fundamental to achieving your goals.

We set all this in the Go & Grow perspective: enter the amount of the initial capital, the amount that is expected to be invested monthly and the length of time for which it is planned to invest. We then combine this with our offered rate of return to give you the “potential earning” figure.

If you are unsure of the amount you can start with or how much you can afford to invest each month, you are not alone. To get started, try visualizing the moment when you reach your goal and then start working backwards from there. 

Bondora : how to make a withdrawal

With Go & Grow there is no need to manage individual loans. This means that it is not necessary to sell the loans or wait for the end of the loan to cash out the investment. You can request to liquidate your investment at any time by simply clicking on “Withdraw”.

Regardless of the size of your wallet, Bondora charges a flat fee of € 1 each time you withdraw money from Go & Grow into your main Bondora account.