Bondora: how to maximize passive income

Bondora and passive income: average interest rate 32.4% per year! ** (** but if you want to stay on the safe side consider a 10-15%)

Bondora is the simplest and most intuitive private lending system I’ve ever seen.
Enrollment and activation of automatic projects takes very little time (10 minutes) and the presence of the Italian language facilitates operations even for the less experienced.

How bondora works

The operation is really very simple.

1 – create your account on Bondora
2 – decide how much to borrow and send money (we recommend at least 1000 dollars)
3 – the system issues the money automatically, dividing it into many small loans
(all loans are analyzed by Bondora specialists before being offered)
4 – receive interest on the loaned money every day (from 7% to 35% per annum depending on the risk)
5- every day Bondora sends you the full report
6- collect your money whenever you want

Why bondora is the best system?

Unlike Mintos, where it is possible both to set up investments manually and to use pre-assembled programs (which I do not recommend), Bondora combines the two by creating truly effective and simple automatic programs, through which it is possible to manage the amount of money loaned and time.

Bondora: the queen of automatic passive income

The language of the system is available in many langueges (Mintos is only in English).
The basic operation is very similar to that of Mintos, but much more simple and intuitive.

I consider the use of Bondora simpler, suitable for those who start investing in Leading P2P as there are fewer parameters that we need to manage and the yield is much higher.

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