Bondora: practical guide P2P

Bondora: The simplest and most profitable system to start

Bondora: the simplest and most profitable system to start Bondora is the main method I use to make money with private-sector Leading. It occupies a large part of my personal investment portfolio and, in addition to extreme ease of use, guarantees even higher yields than Mintos. If you want to start investing in private Leading, I suggest you invest in Bondora between $ 1000 and $ 10,000.

If you have a budget of over $ 10,000 / euro you can easily divide it between BONDORA and some systems that I will explain in this website

To start investing in Bondora you will need to fill in some very simple questionnaires, graphically very beautiful and just as useful to balance your investment according to your risk appetite and your goals.

Bondora allows you to earn up to 32% per annum but I advise you to settle for 10-15% and deal with lower risks.
32% is recommended only for those who want to invest in the very long term (15 – 20 years)

If your goal is to invest in the short term (1-2 years) or in the medium term (5-10 years) I suggest you choose loans that guarantee a return between 8 and 16%

STEP 1: indicates the objectives

In this first screen you will be able to indicate if your investment objective is short or long term, specifying whether you invest for personal whims or for retirement or for the future of your children.

STEP 2: choose the type of investment you are looking for

On this screen you can indicate your risk appetite and the control you want to have on loans.
Go & Grow: low risk -recommended for long periods (5-10 years)
Portfolio manager: medium risk -gain 8 – 15% per annum
Portfolio Pro: high risk – gain 15 – 32% per annum

We recommend the Go & Grow service or the manger portfolio

STEP 3: set the portfolio

Selecting Go & Grow the system will do everything automatically.
It is the system that we prefer for many reasons that you can find in the specific article.
If you want some extra income, select Portfolio Manager and set it according to your preferences.

Conservation level (return from 5% to 13%) In this case, investing 5,000 euros for a duration of 1 year you should expect a return on your investment ranging between 244 euros and 644 euros. Your savings are invested conservatively.

Balanced Level (recommended) (return from 7% to 15%)
In this case, investing 5,000 euros for a duration of 1 year you should expect a return on the investment ranging from 332 euros to 732 euros.
Your savings are invested in a balanced way.

Aggressive / opportunistic level (return from 8% to 17%)
In this case, investing 5,000 euros for a duration of 1 year you should expect a return on investment ranging between 408 euros and 808 euros.
Your savings are aggressively invested and therefore I do not recommend setting the parameters so extreme.

By selecting other options and the PRO portfolio you can get up to 32% return.
I honestly don’t recommend it but if your goal is to invest in the long term (10-20 years) you could evaluate this option

Not sure which option to choose?
Ask our staff. We can help you to better understand which option to choose and we can answer your questions.

We recommend GO & Grow as you will not have any problems and you can withdraw your money if you need it

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